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Climate & Energy


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A Comparison of Guidelines for the Forest Stewardship Program and Other Standards of Sustainable Forest Management
Naureen Rana, August 2005 Download pdf
Sustainability in U.S. Forest Policy: Origins, Evolutions and Prospects
Big Fire Lessons Learned in the Bitterroot Valley
Guidebook: Forest Management Certification on Private Forestlands in the U.S.
Naureen Rana, Will Price and Nadine Block. Released December 2003.
For more information on certification projects, click here.
Community-based Ecosystem Restoration Workforce Development: A Discussion of National Policy Issues
Peter Kostishack. Released in May 2003. Download pdf
Implementation of Multi-party Monitoring and Evaluation: The USDA Forest Service Stewardship Contracting Pilot Projects (FY 2002)
A Report to the Forest Service written by Andrea Bedell Loucks. Released March 2003. Download pdf

For more information on stewardship contracting, click here.

Certification Assessments on Public & University Lands: A Field-based, Comparative Evaluation of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)
Introduction to the National Fire Plan: History, Structure & Relevance to Communities
Peter Kostishack and Naureen Rana. Released in 2002. Download pdf.
Farm Bill 2002 Forum: Review and Discussion of Forestry Opportunities
Stephanie Kavanaugh, Nadine Block, and Naureen Rana. Released in 2002. Download pdf
Strengthening the Ties that Bind: A Workshop Between Community-Based Forest Groups and the USDA Forest Service
Andrea Bedell Loucks. Released in June 2002. Download pdf
Introducción al Plan Nacional contra Incendios: Historia, Estructura, y Relevancia para las Comunidades
A Ten-Point Guide to Reaching Non-Joiner NIPFs in the Eastern U.S.

Prepared by Senior Fellow Catherine Mater as part of a 2001 study of "non-joiner" non-industrial, private forest owners. That study provided key background for the Institute's research on family forest owners. Download pdf.

Crosswalks: Linkages Between the IPF/IFF Proposals for Action and the Montreal Process Criteria and Indicators
Nadine Block. Released in 2002.

Ensuring the Stewardship of the National Wilderness Preservation System
Perry L. Brown,  Chair, Wilderness Stewardship Panel. Released in 2001. Download pdf.
Fire and Water: Developing Mechanisms for Community Stewardship of Natural Resources
Andrea Bedell Loucks. Released in 2001. Download pdf
Allocating Cooperative Forestry Funds to the States: Block Grants and Alternatives
Perry R. Hagenstein, Nadine E. Block and James W. Giltmier. Released in 2001. Download pdf.
Collaborative Stewardship Training Opportunities
A report to the USDA Forest Service written by Jeff M. Sirmon. Released in 2001. Download pdf
Comparing Forest Management Certification Systems and the Montreal Process Criteria and Indicators
Nadine Block and Michael Washburn. Released in 2001. Download pdf
Industrial Timberland Divestitures and Investments: Opportunities and Challenges in Forestland Conservation
Nadine E. Block and V. Alaric Sample. Released in 2001. Download pdf
Partnership with the USDA Forest Service: Improving Opportunities and Enhancing Existing Relationships
This report is a summary of issues and recommendations from Forest Service partners prepared by the Pinchot Institute for Conservation written by Peter Kostishack and Andrea Bedell Loucks. Released in 2001. Download pdf

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