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Climate & Energy


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Forest Carbon Incentives: Options for Landowner Incentives to Increase Forest Carbon Sequestration
U.S. forests play an important role in the nation’s effort to address climate change; they are vital terrestrial carbon sinks. These ecosystems also provide vital services like drinking water and wildlife habitat, and enjoyment to millions of Americans. The majority of the nation’s forests are in private ownership, so it is critical that private forest landowners are encouraged to improve and secure the emissions reductions they can provide, while helping these ecosystems adapt to climate change. Failing to engage private landowners at the broadest scale possible not only limits the role of the nation’s forests in increased climate change mitigation, but also risks increased forest‐based emissions and declines in the health and richness of forest ecosystems over the coming decades.

Forest Certification Handbook for Public Land Managers
Catherine M. Mater. Released in 1999. Download pdf
Forest conservation in the Anthropocene
There is increasing scientific acceptance that we have entered a new “Anthropocene Epoch” wherein human influence, especially in climate and global population, is altering the evolution of virtually every ecosystem on the planet. Representing one-quarter of terrestrial ecosystems, but containing an estimated two-thirds of carbon in living terrestrial organisms, and nearly three-quarters of terrestrial species, our forests face growing risk in the Anthropocene.

Forest Sustainability in the Development of Wood Bioenergy in the U.S.
V. Alaric Sample, Brian Kittler, David Refkin, and Ann Marsh. Released in 2010. Download pdf
Guidebook: Forest Management Certification on Private Forestlands in the U.S.
Naureen Rana, Will Price and Nadine Block. Released December 2003.
For more information on certification projects, click here.
Implementation of Multi-party Monitoring and Evaluation: The USDA Forest Service Stewardship Contracting Pilot Projects (FY 2002)
A Report to the Forest Service written by Andrea Bedell Loucks. Released March 2003. Download pdf

For more information on stewardship contracting, click here.

Improving Performance and Accountability at the Forest Service: Overcoming the Politics of the Budgetary Process and Improving Budget Execution
V. Alaric Sample and Terence J. Tipple. Released in 1999. Download pdf 
Industrial Timberland Divestitures and Investments: Opportunities and Challenges in Forestland Conservation
Nadine E. Block and V. Alaric Sample. Released in 2001. Download pdf
Introducción al Plan Nacional contra Incendios: Historia, Estructura, y Relevancia para las Comunidades
Introduction to the National Fire Plan: History, Structure & Relevance to Communities
Peter Kostishack and Naureen Rana. Released in 2002. Download pdf.
Land Management Stewardship Contracts: Background and Legislative History
Land Stewardship Contracting in the National Forests: A Community Guide to Existing Authorities
Paul C. Ringgold. Released in 1998.
Download Part 1 pdf
Download Part 2 pdf
Log Sortyards and Other Marketing Systems
Carol Daly. Released in 1997. Download pdf
Mobilizing People into Action: The Future Leadership of an Agency
Andrea Bedell Loucks and Will Price. Released in 2000. Download pdf
Natural Resources Strategic Planning: Components and Processes
Northeast Forestry Protocols for Carbon Sequestration: Workshop Summary (February 2006)
Oregon Forestlands and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification: Reference Matrix for Final Report (Appendix 7.3)
Download file [PDF, 112 pages, pages 2-112 formatted for 11"x14" paper]
Partnership with the USDA Forest Service: Improving Opportunities and Enhancing Existing Relationships
This report is a summary of issues and recommendations from Forest Service partners prepared by the Pinchot Institute for Conservation written by Peter Kostishack and Andrea Bedell Loucks. Released in 2001. Download pdf
Pathways to Sustainability
Producers of wood pellets in the United States will need to meet or exceed sustainability standards set by the European Union and individual European countries to protect the health of forests, while accessing expanding export markets. The growing European demand for U.S. wood biomass requires buyers to demonstrate enhanced sustainability of North America's forest resources. Download PDF

Pennsylvania's Forests: How they are changing and why we should care
Will Price and Eric Sprague .  January 2012.  Download PDF

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