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Climate & Energy


Between Two Fires: America's Wildland Fire Scene Since 1960
Stephen J. Pyne is a Regents’ Professor at Arizona State University’s School of Life Sciences. A veteran of 15 seasons as a wildland firefighter, Dr. Pyne is also a recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship, the Fulbright Fellowship, and two National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships. His scholarship has focused on integrating the history of fire with ecology, agriculture, logging, and resource management; he is recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on the history and management of fire. Dr. Pyne's lecture presents findings from his current project, A Fire History of America, 1960–2011, which will be completed later in 2014.

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Getting to REDD Success: Two Decades of Lessons, Michael Northrop, 2010
Ecology and the Challenge of Sustainable Investing, Joseph F. Keefe, 2008
The Rise and Fall of the Timber Investment Management Organizations: Ownership Changes in US Forestlands, by Clark S. Binkley, 2007
The Day After Today? Climate Change, Forests and What Americans Can Do Now, by James Gustave Speth, 2005
Saving Nature in Time: The Past and the Future of Environmentalism, by William Cronon, 2004 (Transcript Unavailable.)
The Global Revolution in Sustainable Forest Policy: A European Perspective, by Franz Schmithüsen, 2003
Forestry & Modern Environmentalism: Ending the Cold War, by Patricia Nelson Limerick, 2002
Rethinking Public Land Governance for the New Century by Daniel Kemmis, 2000
Forest Stewardship: Marsh, Pinchot and America Today by David Lowenthal, 2001
A More Perfect Union: Democratic and Ecological Sustainability by Hanna J. Cortner, 1999
Whither, or Whether, the National Forests? Some Reflections of an Unreconstructed Forest Economist by Perry R. Hagenstein, 1995
Bringing the Public into the Decision-Making Process on Public Lands: Sharing the Responsibility, William E. Shands, 1994
Gifford Pinchot with Rod and Reel/Trading Places: From Historian to Environmental Activist, Two Essays in Conservation History by John F. Reiger, 1994 (Available in Hard Copy by Request.)
The New Face of Forestry: Exploring a Discontinuity and the Need for a Vision by Dr. John C. Gordon, 1993 (Available in Hard Copy by Request.)
Gifford Pinchot: The Evolution of an American Conservationist by Char Miller, 1992 (Available in Hard Copy by Request.)
Adventures in Reform: Gifford Pinchot, Amos Pinchot, Theodore Roosevelt, and the Progressive Party by John Allen Gable, 1986 (Out Of Print)

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