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Climate & Energy


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Land Stewardship Contracting in the National Forests: A Community Guide to Existing Authorities
Paul C. Ringgold. Released in 1998.
Download Part 1 pdf
Download Part 2 pdf
Principles of Sustainable Forest Management: Examples from Recent U.S. and International Efforts
V. Alaric Sample. Released in 1998. Download pdf
Gifford Pinchot: Breaking New Ground
Introductory essay
Annual Report- 1998
Evolving Toward Sustainable Forestry: Assessing Change in U.S. Forestry Organizations
Edited by V. Alaric Sample, Rick Weyerhaeuser, and James W. Giltmier. Released in 1997.
Regulatory Takings: A Historical Overview and Legal Analysis for Natural Resource Management
Susan M. Stedfast. Released in 1997. Download pdf
Log Sortyards and Other Marketing Systems
Carol Daly. Released in 1997. Download pdf
A Federal Commitment to Forest Conservation on Private Lands: The Story of State and Private Forestry
James W. Giltmier. Released in 1997. Download pdf
Toward Integrated Resource Management on the National Forests: Understanding Forest Service Budget Reform
V. Alaric Sample. Released in 1997. Download pdf
Building Partnerships for Sustainable Forestry Research
James W. Giltmier and Mary Mitsos. Released in 1996. Hard copy available upon request.
Land Management Stewardship Contracts: Background and Legislative History
Natural Resources Strategic Planning: Components and Processes
Land Stewardship in the Next Era of Conservation
The Grey Towers Protocol, which establishes a set of guiding principles for forest managers, based on the “moral imperative” of land stewardship.
Whither, or Whether, the National Forests? Some Reflections of an Unreconstructed Forest Economist by Perry R. Hagenstein, 1995
The following books are available for purchase by contacting The Pinchot Institute.

Land Stewardship in the Next Era of Conservation
by V. Alaric Sample, 1995 ($8.95)

From New Perspectives to Ecosystems Management: The Report of an Assessment of New Perspectives
by William E. Shands, Anne Black, James W. Giltmier, 1993 ($5.95)

Population Change, Natural Resources and Regionalism
edited by Ann Christine Reid, 1986 ($4.95)

Contact at (202) 797-6580 or pinchot@pinchot.org.
Bringing the Public into the Decision-Making Process on Public Lands: Sharing the Responsibility, William E. Shands, 1994
Gifford Pinchot with Rod and Reel/Trading Places: From Historian to Environmental Activist, Two Essays in Conservation History by John F. Reiger, 1994 (Available in Hard Copy by Request.)
The New Face of Forestry: Exploring a Discontinuity and the Need for a Vision by Dr. John C. Gordon, 1993 (Available in Hard Copy by Request.)
Gifford Pinchot: The Evolution of an American Conservationist by Char Miller, 1992 (Available in Hard Copy by Request.)
Adventures in Reform: Gifford Pinchot, Amos Pinchot, Theodore Roosevelt, and the Progressive Party by John Allen Gable, 1986 (Out Of Print)

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