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Climate & Energy


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Partnership with the USDA Forest Service: Improving Opportunities and Enhancing Existing Relationships
This report is a summary of issues and recommendations from Forest Service partners prepared by the Pinchot Institute for Conservation written by Peter Kostishack and Andrea Bedell Loucks. Released in 2001. Download pdf
The Conservation Diaries of Gifford Pinchot
Gifford Pinchot and the Making of Modern Environmentalism
The Pinchot Letter- Summer 2001

[Download full version]

The Pinchot Letter- Spring 2001

[Download full version]

Sustainable Forestry & Biodiversity Conservation: Toward a New Consensus
V. Alaric Sample. Released in 2001. Download pdf
Rethinking Public Land Governance for the New Century by Daniel Kemmis, 2000
Forest Stewardship: Marsh, Pinchot and America Today by David Lowenthal, 2001
Plantations and Protected Areas: Considering a Policy Framework-Symposium Proceedings
Grey Towers National Historical Landmark, October 2001 Download pdf
The Pinchot Letter- Fall 2000

[Download full version]

Watershed Restoration Workshop, Clearwater National Forest
Held on July 10-13, 2000. Download pdf
Mobilizing People into Action: The Future Leadership of an Agency
Andrea Bedell Loucks and Will Price. Released in 2000. Download pdf
The Evolution of Forestry Education in the United States: Adapting to the Changing Demands of Professional Forestry
V. Alaric Sample, Nadine E. Block, Paul C. Ringgold, and James W. Giltmier. Released in 2000. Hard copy available upon request.

Annual Report- 2000
The Evolution of American Forest Policy: An Appraisal of the Past Century and a View to the Next
V. Alaric Sample. Released in 1999. Download pdf
Forest Certification Handbook for Public Land Managers
Catherine M. Mater. Released in 1999. Download pdf
Understanding Forest Certification: Answers to Key Questions
Catherine M. Mater. Released in 1999. Download pdf
Improving Performance and Accountability at the Forest Service: Overcoming the Politics of the Budgetary Process and Improving Budget Execution
V. Alaric Sample and Terence J. Tipple. Released in 1999. Download pdf 
A More Perfect Union: Democratic and Ecological Sustainability by Hanna J. Cortner, 1999
Third Party, Performance-Based Certification of Public Forests: What Public Forestland Managers Should Know
Catherine M. Mater, V. Alaric Sample, James R. Grace, and Gerald A. Rose. Released in 1998. Download pdf

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