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Climate & Energy


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Partnership with the USDA Forest Service: Improving Opportunities and Enhancing Existing Relationships
This report is a summary of issues and recommendations from Forest Service partners prepared by the Pinchot Institute for Conservation written by Peter Kostishack and Andrea Bedell Loucks. Released in 2001. Download pdf
Pathways to Sustainability
Producers of wood pellets in the United States will need to meet or exceed sustainability standards set by the European Union and individual European countries to protect the health of forests, while accessing expanding export markets. The growing European demand for U.S. wood biomass requires buyers to demonstrate enhanced sustainability of North America's forest resources. Download PDF

Pennsylvania's Forests: How they are changing and why we should care
Will Price and Eric Sprague .  January 2012.  Download PDF
Pinchot Letter - Fall 2006/Winter 2007
  • Bioenergy Markets: New Capitol Infusion for Sustainable Forest Management [Download pdf]
  • Payments for Environmental Services: An Alternative Approach to Promoting Stewardship of Private Forest Lands [Download pdf]
  • Report Finds Chesapeake Forests Disappearing by 100 Acres Daily [Download pdf]
  • Do Good and Trim Taxes [Download pdf]

[Download full version]

Pinchot Letter - Spring 2007
  • Ensuring Forest Sustainability in the Development of Wood-based Bioenergy [Download pdf]
  • The Massachusetts Sustainable Forest Bioenergy Initiative [Download pdf]

[Download full version]

Pinchot Letter - Spring 2008
  • Climate Change Effects on Natural Resources: Avoiding the Unmanageable and Managing the Unavoidable on America’s Federal Public Lands [Download pdf]
  • The Community’s Role in Stewardship Activities on Federal Forests [Download pdf]
  • Transforming Capitalism into a Positive Tool for Conservation [Download pdf]
  • Confronting the Loss of America’s Forests: Where are Our Priorities? [Download pdf]
[Download full pdf]
Pinchot Letter - Winter 2008
[Download full version]
Pinchot Letter Fall 2008
  • Climate, Energy, and National Security: The New Context for Forest Policy
  • Managing Forest in a Era of Climate Change: Perspectives from the U.S. Forest Service
  • Conserving Forest through National Climate Legislation
  • Understanding the Next Generation of Family Forestland Owners: Getting it Right...(at least for starters)
Download PDF

Pinchot Letter Fall 2010
  • Demonstrating Sustainable Community Forestry in Ecuador by Peter Pinchot [Download article]
  • Connecting Human Health and Forest Conservation in the Rio Verde Canandé Watershed by Ariel Pinchot [Download article]
  • Improving Conventional Timber Harvest and Log Yield in Working Forests of the Mountainous Tropics by Blair Rynearson [Download article]
  • How to Reconstruct a Rain Forest by Amy Rogers [Download article]
[Download full version]
Pinchot Letter Fall 2012
  • Redefining Forest Conservation in the Anthropocene by V. Alaric Sample [View article]
  • Forest Land Loss on the Rebound by Tom Tidwell [View article]
  • Oil for Trees: Does the Land and Water Conservation Fund Offer a Devil's Bargain? by Char Miller [View article]
  • Book Review: Managing Ecosystems in a Changing Climate [View Article]
[Download full issue as PDF]
Pinchot Letter Summer 2009
  • Avoiding the Next Bioenergy Bubble [Download pdf]
  • Economic Recovery and Stewardship Contracting: Building the Restoration Economy with Green Jobs [Download pdf]
  • Linking Forest Health and Human Health on America’s Private Woodlands[Download pdf]
  • Discovery of Ancient Human Remains in Southeast Alaska [Download pdf]
  • Adapting to Climate Change: Developing a Coordinated International Strategy [Download pdf]
  • 2008 Pinchot Institute Donors
[Download full version]
Pinchot Letter Summer 2010
  • Considering Forest Sustainability in the Development of Wood Bioenergy in the US [Download article]
  • New England’s Forests in Context: An Insider’s Outsider Perspective [Download article]
  • Massachusetts Study Highlights Issues in Biomass and Carbon Policy [Download article]

[Download full version]
Pinchot Letter Winter 2010
  • Bay Bank - The Chesapeake's Conservation Marketplace [Download article]
  • Status of Markets for Ecosystem Services by Sara Vickerman [Download article]
  • Valuing Drinking Water as an Ecosystem Service by Albert Todd and Emily Weidner [Download article]
  • Sustaining the World's Natural Capital by William H. Hudnut, III [Download article]
  • Forestry Done Right: Precious Woods and the Future of the Amazon by Char Miller [Download article]
[Download full version]
Pinchot Letter Winter 2013
  • Embracing Gifford Pinchot’s “Practical Idealism” by Robert Bonnie [View article]
  • From the President: Changing the Future of US Forests: A Call for Recommitment by V. Alaric Sample [View article]
  • Grey Towers: The Heart of the Modern Conservation Movement by Peter Pinchot [View article]
  • The Enduring Value of the Pinchot Institute-US Forest Service Partnership by Tom Tidwell [View article]
  • Photos from the 50th anniversary celebration [View article]
  • Conserving Pennsylvania's Public Lands for Recreation, Jobs, and Natural Beauty by Ellen Ferretti [View article]
  • The Pinchot Institute: Building on the Conservation Legacy of Gifford Pinchot by Nels Johnson [View article]
  • Investing in Our Future: Fostering an Environmentally Literate and Engaged Society by Leila Pinchot [View article]
  • 2012-2013 Pinchot Institute Supporters [View article]

[Download Full Issue PDF]

Pinchot Letter: Fall 2011
  • Restoring the Land: The Weeks Act and the Expansion of Federal Forestry by Char Miller [Download article]
  • The Weeks Act and the Future of Land Conservation in the United States by Al Sample [Download article]
  • Rebuilding a Greener Community through Creative Partnerships by Brian Kittler [Download article]
  • From the President of the Pinchot Institute [Download article]
  • Inside the Institute -- Landserver: A Conservation Assessment Tool for Farmers and Woodland Owners; 2011 Elisabeth S. Mortimer Internship [Download article]
  • Acknowledging 2010-2011 Pinchot Institute Supporters and In-Kind Donors [Download article]
[Download full version]
Pinchot Letter: Spring 2011
  • The Common Waters Fund: a Forest-to-Faucet Approach for the Delaware River by Stephanie Pendergrass [Download article]
  • Innovation in Improving Water Management: The Water Fund Approach by Karin Krchnak [Download article]
  • Pennsylvania's Forests: How They are Changing and Why We Should Care by Eric Sprague [Download article]
  • Forest Conservation and Climate Change: A Summary of the 2011 Pinchot Distinguished Lecture with Amb. Stuart Eizenstat [Download article]
[Download full version]
Plantations & Protected Areas: Toward a New Consensus on Sustainable Forest Management
October 2005. Download pdf
Plantations and Protected Areas in Sustainable Forestry
Will Price, Naureen Rana and V. Alaric Sample (ed.), Hawthorn Press, 2005.

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