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Climate & Energy


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The Case for a Federal Regulatory Strategy for Solar Power
Blake Carpenter. Released in February 2009 Catalyst. Published by the Roosevelt Institution. Download pdf
The Conservation Diaries of Gifford Pinchot
The Day After Today? Climate Change, Forests and What Americans Can Do Now, by James Gustave Speth, 2005
The Evolution of American Forest Policy: An Appraisal of the Past Century and a View to the Next
V. Alaric Sample. Released in 1999. Download pdf
The Evolution of Forestry Education in the United States: Adapting to the Changing Demands of Professional Forestry
V. Alaric Sample, Nadine E. Block, Paul C. Ringgold, and James W. Giltmier. Released in 2000. Hard copy available upon request.

The following books are available for purchase by contacting The Pinchot Institute.

Land Stewardship in the Next Era of Conservation
by V. Alaric Sample, 1995 ($8.95)

From New Perspectives to Ecosystems Management: The Report of an Assessment of New Perspectives
by William E. Shands, Anne Black, James W. Giltmier, 1993 ($5.95)

Population Change, Natural Resources and Regionalism
edited by Ann Christine Reid, 1986 ($4.95)

Contact at (202) 797-6580 or pinchot@pinchot.org.
The Future of Wisconsin Forests: A Global Perspective
Presentation by Al Sample to the statewide meeting of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
The Future of Wood Bioenergy in the United States: Defining Sustainability, Status, Trends and Outlooks for Regional Development
The Global Revolution in Sustainable Forest Policy: A European Perspective, by Franz Schmithüsen, 2003
The New Face of Forestry: Exploring a Discontinuity and the Need for a Vision by Dr. John C. Gordon, 1993 (Available in Hard Copy by Request.)
The Pinchot Letter - Spring 2006
  • Outlook for Developments in Sustainable Forest Management [Download pdf]
  • Effects of Global Economic Trends on Sustainable Management of U.S. Forests [Download pdf]

[Download full version]

The Pinchot Letter Fall 2013
  • Healthy Forests & Healthy Waters by Will Price and Stephanie P. Dalke [View article]
  • From the President - The Pinchot Institute at 50: An Appreciation [View article]
  • Sustaining Water Resources and Other Forest Ecosystem Services in the Era of Climate Change by V. Alaric Sample [View article]
  • The Upper Neuse Clean Water Initiative by Lisa Creasman [View Article]
  • Fire, Drought, and Water Supply Resiliency in Fort Collins by Aaron Lein [View Article]
  • Scaling the Natural Infrastructure Approach to Source Water Protection by James Mulligan and Todd Gartner  [View article
  • Caring for the Land and Serving People, Where They Live: Improving the Lives of People and Their Communities Through Urban Natural Resources Stewardship by Michael T. Rains  [View article]
  • Whole Watershed Restoration Initiative: Harnessing Collaboration to Restore Salmon Habitat in the Northwest by Cathy Kellon [View article]
[Download full issue PDF]
The Pinchot Letter Spring 2012
  • Essential Tools for Sustaining America's Forests - Reauthorizing Stewardship Contracts on Federal Lands by Brian A. Kittler and V. Alaric Sample [View article]
  • From the President - A Conservation Ethic for a Changing World [View article]
  • An Integrated Story for an Ecological Civilization by Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker, 2012 Pinchot Distinguished Lecturer [View article]
  • Earth as Biodiversity Hotspot: Environmental Stewardship in the Next Era of Conservation by V. Alaric Sample [View Article]
  • Federal Lands and the Eye of the Beholder by V. Alaric Sample [View Article]
  • Study Challenges Carbon Absorption Potential of Future Forests  [View article
  • Common Waters Fund Receives Partnership Award by Will Price  [View article]
[Download full version]
The Pinchot Letter Spring 2014
  • Green Fire Meets Red Fire; Environmental History Meets the No-Analogue Anthropocene by Dr. Stephen J. Pyne [View article]
  • From the President - Decision Making Under Uncertainty: Managing Forests and Fire in the Anthropocene [View article]
  • Wilderness and Conservation Strategy in the Anthropocene by Travis Belote, Greg Aplet, Anne Carlson, and Peter McKinley [View article]
  • Preparing for the Mid-term: Nearing Five Years of the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program by R. Patrick Bixler [View Article]
  • Lessons Learned from an Unprecedented Experiment in Collaborative Forest Management by Will Price [View Article]
  • A Landmark Policy for Restoring Federal Forests: Permanent Authorization of Stewardship Contracting in the Farm Bill by Brian Kittler [View article]
[Download full issue PDF]
The Pinchot Letter- Fall 2000

[Download full version]

The Pinchot Letter- Fall 2002

[Download full version]

The Pinchot Letter- Fall 2003

[Download full version]

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