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Climate & Energy


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Saving Nature in Time: The Past and the Future of Environmentalism, by William Cronon, 2004 (Transcript Unavailable.)
Stewardship and Landscape Coordination for Sustainable Forests by John Fedkiw and Gerald A. Rose. 2008.
  • An experienced perspective of sustainability and natural resource management as a process rather than a destination.
  • Demonstrates the practical application of Fedkiw’s theoretical Pathway Model for Sustainability through the activities of the Minnesota Forest Resources Council (MFRC).
  • Praised by Dave Zumeta, the Executive Director of the Minnesota Forest Resources Council, as, "...a valuable addition to the literature on sustainable forest management and protection. It uses a specific empirical example to help make the abstract concept of sustainability more concrete."

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Stewardship Contracting: A Summary of Lessons Learned from the Pilot Experience
This report summarizes the lessons learned over five years of the Institute's work on multiparty monitoring of community involvement in stewardship contracting. Download pdf.
Strengthening the Ties that Bind: A Workshop Between Community-Based Forest Groups and the USDA Forest Service
Andrea Bedell Loucks. Released in June 2002. Download pdf
Sustainability in U.S. Forest Policy: Origins, Evolutions and Prospects
Sustainable Forestry & Biodiversity Conservation: Toward a New Consensus
V. Alaric Sample. Released in 2001. Download pdf

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