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Climate & Energy


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Implementation of Multi-party Monitoring and Evaluation: The USDA Forest Service Stewardship Contracting Pilot Projects (FY 2002)
A Report to the Forest Service written by Andrea Bedell Loucks. Released March 2003. Download pdf

For more information on stewardship contracting, click here.

Improving Performance and Accountability at the Forest Service: Overcoming the Politics of the Budgetary Process and Improving Budget Execution
V. Alaric Sample and Terence J. Tipple. Released in 1999. Download pdf 
Industrial Timberland Divestitures and Investments: Opportunities and Challenges in Forestland Conservation
Nadine E. Block and V. Alaric Sample. Released in 2001. Download pdf
Introducción al Plan Nacional contra Incendios: Historia, Estructura, y Relevancia para las Comunidades
Introduction to the National Fire Plan: History, Structure & Relevance to Communities
Peter Kostishack and Naureen Rana. Released in 2002. Download pdf.

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