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Climate & Energy
Land Stewardship in the Next Era of Conservation
Jul 31, 1995
Land Stewardship in the Next Era of ConservationShortcomings in natural resource management in the global environment as well as at home have caused many Americans to re-examine the concepts of natural resource conservation and stewardship that seemed to have served us well in the past. As we move from the era of sustained yield to the era of sustainable ecosystem management, we are challenged also to adapt the notion of stewardship that guides both long-term resource management planning and day-to-day decision making. Do we really know what stewardship means? Is there common agreement on a few guiding principles or components of what constitutes stewardship? Would we recognize good stewardship if we saw it on the land? Is there a difference between defining stewardship and having the freedom and flexibility to practice it?

These are among the questions addressed by a group of distinguished individuals brought together under the auspices of the Pinchot Institute for Conservation at Grey Towers National Historic Landmark, the former home of Gifford Pinchot. These individuals—farmers and philosophers, foresters and theologians—have in one way or another devoted a great deal of thought to the values that define society’s relationship with land and natural resources. Their consensus formed the Grey Towers Protocol, which establishes a set of guiding principles for forest managers, based on the “moral imperative” of land stewardship.

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