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Climate & Energy
Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration: A Meta‐Analysis of Existing Research on the CFLR Program
Jul 16, 2015
Now halfway through its 10-year authorization, progress is being made within individual CFLRP projects. Recently, the Forest Service completed a five-year progress report outlining key national indicators of program performance related to resource conditions. Collecting and reporting this monitoring information at the national level is a key component of learning and telling the story of CFLRP. In addition to reporting on these indicators, researchers from universities, the agency itself, and non-profits have been conducting independent research projects related to the CFLRP. This report focuses on this research, providing a meta-analysis of CFLRP-related research as of June 2015. The goal of this meta-analysis is to identify research gaps and position the agency and the research community to better address important research questions over the next five years of the CFLRP. Asking and answering key questions will be essential to continuing to inform collaborative landscape restoration and advancing the pace and scale of restoration.

Download the report (PDF)

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