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Climate & Energy
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As an independent, nonpartisan policy research organization with access to scholars and natural resource practitioners through the conservation community, the Pinchot Institute is well suited to serve as an incubator for innovation in the protection and sustainable management of forests, and as a catalyst for change in the policies and institutions that actually determine how the nation's forests are managed.
Carbon Pricing and Working Lands in Oregon
From cities to the country, the diversity of lands and communities comprising our landscapes are all exposed to the risks presented by climate change. These same lands and communities can take steps to reduce emissions and adapt to changing conditions.

Policy Summit - Priorities for Our Shared Conservation Agenda
In the days leading up to a new Presidential administration and Congress, a group of leaders from state and federal agencies, academia, non-profits, and foundations gathered to discuss potential solutions to some of the most complex conservation challenges facing the western US. The title of this meeting refers to a “shared conservation agenda,” meaning an alignment of actions to improve the condition of forests and waterways.

Forest Land Conservation in the 21st Century: A Symposium on the Weeks Act Centennial
In June 2011 the Pinchot Institute convened a diverse group of individuals from the public and private sectors to identify opportunities to build upon the historic forest conservation successes achieved under the Weeks Act of 1911. 
Tree canopy
Stewardship Contracting: A Powerful Tool
Stewardship Contracting is a valuable ecosystem management tool for national public lands. This type of land management contracting is being used to by the USDA Forest Service and USDOI Bureau of Land Management to address concerns about forest health issues while working to also meet the needs and expectations of rural, forest-based communities, and other constituencies concerned with the management of federal forests. Since 2004, the Pinchot Institute has worked to monitor the roles played by local communities and other segments of the public interested in stewardship contracting.
Forested mountainsides
Conserving Chesapeake Forests
Forests play a critical role in protecting the health of the Bay. In response to a report published discussing the state of Chesapeake's Forest, the Pinchot Institute is working to develop policies that will conserve the forests of the Bay watershed.
Boy with reflection of lake
Conservation Leadership and Executive Development
In an effort to ensure forest conservation for the next generation, the Pinchot Institute conducts seminars and short courses designed specifically for emerging leaders in natural resource management organizations.

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