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Climate & Energy
Pinchot Institute Distinguished Lecture Well Received
Mar 7, 2008

CONTACT: Star Dodd (202)797.6582, sdodd@pinchot.org

Washington, DC -- The Pinchot Institute for Conservation welcomed Joseph F. Keefe as the 2008 Distinguished Lecturer on February 29, 2008 at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC. As President and CEO of Pax World Management Corp., Joe Keefe's lecture focused on the impact sustainable investing can have on preserving the natural environment. As an organization working to advance conservation and sustainable natural resource management, the Pinchot Institute was proud to provide an expert on socially responsible mutual funds and sustainable investing for the annual lecture.

Mr. Keefe urged those in attendance to consider how the conservation challenges found in the U.S. and abroad will require a reformation of corporate attention away from shareholder profit and more focus towards long-term stakeholder goals and public interest.

With environmental threats of climate change, resource depletion, and rising population and consumption levels, Mr. Keefe believes sustainable investing -- "the full integration of environmental, social and governance factors into investment analysis and decision making" -- is the key to providing future generations with the ability to meet their own needs through resources and raw materials.

In his remarks, Keefe stated, "there is no time like the present. ... As investors, we must find ways to insist that sustainability matters by making it more profitable for businesses to develop conservation strategies and integrating sustainability into our own consumption, lifestyle, voting and investment patterns."

"Joe Keefe is at the forefront of reforming capitalism to make it a tool for enhancing the sustainability of human enterprise," said Pinchot Institute President, Al Sample, "Muhammad Yumus won a 2006 Nobel Prize for his efforts to create 'social businesses' to alleviate poverty. Joe Keefe is leading a similar movement to turn capitalism into a positive force for the global environment." The lecture transcript and current programs implemented by the Pinchot Institute are listed on the website, www.pinchot.org.  For more information about Mr. Keefe and Pax World Management Corp., please go to www.paxworld.com.

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