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Sustainable Forestry Revolving Loan Fund: Prospectus
Sustainable Forestry Revolving Loan Fund
Woodland owners have long pointed to growing economic pressures as the greatest threat to their ability to continue owning and managing their woods.  Since many woodland owners are land rich and cash poor, selling the family woods or conducting a major timber harvest is often their only option when faced with large, short-term cash needs, such as a family medical emergency.

The loss of forests to development and diminished health from unsustainable timber harvests lowers the ability of forests to provide important services like water filtration and air pollutant removal. Conversion to housing subdivisions, highways, and shopping malls is particularly harmful since the effects are all but permanent. New development in a region also speeds up the loss of nearby forests since additional development will follow the investments in transportation and energy infrastructure.

One tool to help address landowners' financial concerns and to maintain healthy forests and watersheds is through the implementation of a Sustainable Forestry Revolving Loan Fund. The Pinchot Institute, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy of Pennsylvania, assessed the feasibility of employing such a fund to support sustainable forestry by private landowners.

A Sustainable Forestry Revolving Loan Fund can provide low-interest loans with flexible terms to woodland owners in the Mid-Atlantic region. The loans would allow woodland owners to address short- to mid-term financial needs thereby alleviating the pressure to proceed with an unsustainable timber harvest or to sell their property. A revolving loan fund targeted towards woodland owners will provide a critical source of financing because these landowners face unique circumstances that are not adequately addressed from traditional private lenders and government programs.

Learn more about the potential for revolving loan funds by downloading the program prospectus or emailing Program Director Eric Sprague.
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