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Certification of Private Forests in Maine
Maine is one of the leading states in the nation in the portion of forests certified as sustainably managed.  This means that their management has been tested against standards used around the world to assure environmental performance.  However, the majority of Maine's small forest holdings owned by families—and a substantial portion of Maine forestland--remains uncertified.

At present, approximately a third of Maine's forest products comes from family forests. If consumers and businesses that use paper and other wood products increase their demand for green products, best represented in the market by the labels of certification systems, Maine forests may not yet be able to meet this demand.  And many of Maine families that count on selling timber (often to help keep their forests rather than sell them) will be out of luck.

The Maine Forest Service manages public lands that are certified, but has also created programs to help private landowners manage their lands sustainably.  They asked the Pinchot Institute to help them determine the extent to which these programs and the guidance they have developed for private landowners, are steps towards helping landowners become certified. As hoped, these programs that often come with financial support and incentives, are a major help for landowners wishing to become certified.  However, there are still some gaps.  The study advised the Maine Forest Service on what these gaps are, how they could be closed, and what this may cost. 
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