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Common Waters

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Climate & Energy
Common Waters Forum Report
Common Waters Forum
Community Land Use and Conservation
Through the Common Waters Partnership, the Pinchot Institute helped facilitate the Community Land Use and Conservation Forum in Matamoras, Pennsylvania. Held on October 29, 2009, over 75 regional leaders from conservation organizations; landowner groups; local, state, and federal agencies; and businesses attending the meeting. As the first step in the Common Waters Partnership's efforts in the region, the forum broke down what is working, what is not working in the region now, and how collaboration across state boundaries can be facilitated.

Del River Recreation
Residents enjoying the recreation opportunities of the Delaware River.
Photo by Dave Soete.

Through panel discussions, facilitated breakout sessions, and guest speakers, the forum attendants focused on the value of the Upper Delaware River Basin, anticipated threats and opportunities to water quality, lessons learned through regional collaboration efforts in other areas of the U.S., and creating collaborative opportunities in the upper Delaware River Basin area itself. Commissioner Suzanne Malec McKenna of the Department of Environment in Chicago, IL, spoke of her many successful partnership initiatives during her keynote address.

Malec-McKenna supplied successful case study examples to the forum attendants, saying, "Initially, everyone had different goals, but we worked to find a similarity, which was a regional ethic around biodiversity. The large number of people involved can be unwieldy, but we organize around natural resources management, science and technology, education and policy. That group now includes great programming, teacher training, research and coordination, some great publications and more, but most importantly, there are now 247 members in the region."

Recently published in the local newspaper in the Upper Basin, the River Reporter, a summary report of the forum has been developed and is essential in articulating the successful progress the Common Waters Partnership is making.

The Partnership is working toward a common vision for the region and will include all of the stakeholders in the process, including the large landowners, leaseholders and developers.

Common Waters Forum documents:
  • Common Waters Forum Agenda [Download pdf]
  • Common Waters Forum Report: Creating partners and dialog across borders (full report) [Download pdf]
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