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Bay Bank

Pinchot focus areas:

Climate & Energy
Bay Bank
How does it work?
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Bay Bank provides services to conservation buyers, farmers and woodland owners that not only make sense of ecosystem market and conservation program rules but also also increase participation, save time, and ensure environmental gains.

Landowner Education and Outreach

LandServer is a free,online, conservation assessment tool providing landowners with a quick and easy assessment of their eligibility for ecosystem markets, as well as traditional conservation programs. LandServer links landowners to Bay Bank's online marketplace, helping landowners take the next step of developing and selling ecosystem credits provided by their land.

Project Planning
Interactive project planning tools allow landowners to plan the development of credits, identify costs and benefits of project development, contact certified project developers to help develop and realize conservation projects, and calculate credits and potential income. These tools are accessed through www.thebaybank.org.

A Multiple Market Registry
To ensure transparency and quality, credits will be tracked in the Bay Bank registry powered by Markit Environmental Registry, an international ecosystem market registry provider.

An Online Marketplace
Bay Bank's marketplace is a secure, online platform for connecting buyers and sellers. It provides market information to ensure transparency and posts credits at various stages of development to help buyers and sellers manage risk throughout the process. As the region's central marketplace, Bay Bank utilizes protocols that are compliant with existing rules and ensures only high quality credits are transacted.
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