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Bay Bank

Pinchot focus areas:

Climate & Energy
Bay Bank Fact Sheet
Bay Bank
What are the Benefits?
Bay Bank is a conservation marketplace, linking landowners with resources to improve and protect the Chesapeake region's natural resources and working lands. It is a collaborative effort to increase the pace and scope of conservation across the Chesapeake and brings multiple benefits to communities, ecosystems, landowners and buyers.

 Landowner and Buyer
Communities and Ecosystems
  • Greater economic stability for farm and forest lands, protecting the rural character of the region.
  • New business opportunities for project developers who can implement and maintain ecosystem projects.
  • Verifiable environmental gains such as cleaner air and water and healthier ecosystems.
  • A central marketplace and quick and easy access to multiple ecosystem markets and conservation programs.
  • Lower participation costs through improved efficiency and increased market participation.
  • Cities, industries, businesses and non-profits offsetting unavoidable environmental impacts and funding conservation programs.
  • Lower transaction costs through improved efficiency and market participation.
  • A transparent marketplace, credit monitoring and independent verification. 

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