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Climate & Energy
Remembering Ed Vandermillen
Ed Vandermillen

The Pinchot Institute’s 50th anniversary gave us an opportunity to recognize some of the extraordinary individuals whose vision and leadership helped make the Institute into what it is today. Ed Vandermillen, who passed away on June 3, played a pivotal role as Director of the Pinchot Institute for Conservation Studies at Grey Towers 1983–1987, and then again 1988-1990 following an assignment to the US Forest Service office in Washington. In cooperation with Gifford Bryce Pinchot and the Pinchot family, Ed strove to realize the vision of the Pinchot Institute as a catalyst for conservation and a think tank for new ideas designed to resolve the many looming environmental problems facing the country and the world.He believed strongly that the Institute’s work must be “science-based and impartial,” and helped establish the reputation of Grey Towers as a neutral forum at a time when controversies over natural resource conservation and environmental policy were exceptionally contentious. Ed helped craft the vision for the Pinchot Institute that has guided our work, and that will continue to inspire generations to come.
—Al Sample
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