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Pinchot focus areas:

Climate & Energy

Pinchot Associates

The future of forests here in the US and around the world is being determined as much by public concerns over climate, energy, and water and by concerns over forests themselves.  How do today’s leaders in forest conservation make sense of these complex interactions?  How do they stay informed on key issues and opportunities for creatively addressing them?  Where do these leaders turn for the balanced, timely information they need to understand emerging issues and participate in the discovery of innovative solutions?

Many start by becoming a Pinchot Associate by making a minimum $100 annual contribution to the Pinchot Institute.

Becoming a Pinchot Associate opens doors to lifelong learning opportunities on emerging issues in environmental sustainability and natural resource conservation.  Pinchot Associates stay abreast of new developments and new ideas in forest conservation in a variety of ways:

•    The Pinchot Wire provides Pinchot Associates with regular updates on new developments through timely on-line notifications
•    The Pinchot Letter is a quarterly journal that provides more in-depth analysis of current issues and future trends in conservation thought, policy, and action
•    The annual Pinchot Distinguished Lecture brings leading thinkers and accomplished conservationists together with Pinchot Associates worldwide, through participating in the lecture or accessing it in its entirety in video and print at www.pinchot.org.
•    Workshops and symposia in which Pinchot Associates are invited to participate directly or through on-line webinars
•    Policy reports, discussion papers, books, and other new releases on which Pinchot Associates receive notification, on-line access, and print copies upon request.
•    Professional networking on key conservation issues through Linked-In groups on other interactive media

Pinchot Associates are a network themselves, of committed conservationists who value being at the forefront of new developments in environmental sustainability and natural resource conservation.  Pinchot Associates are problem solvers who prefer to work toward innovative yet practical solutions to today’s conservation challenges. 

Pinchot Associates provide critically important support through annual contributions that enable the Pinchot Institute to carry out leading-edge research and objective analysis, and to provide educational materials and opportunities that strengthen people’s understanding, appreciation, and support for natural resource conservation.

Be a part of providing the leadership that is needed today in natural resource conservation thought, policy, and action.  Be a part of the Pinchot Institute.  Become a Pinchot Associate today.

For more information on becoming a Pinchot Associate, please call the Pinchot Institute at 202 797-6580 or contact us at pinchot@pinchot.org.

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